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Nov 17, 2021

Making their voice heard – Getting retail engaged on the proxy: Ticker 128

In 2021 we saw the highest number of retail accounts ever, and the biggest increase in 10 years, says Broadridge

This episode of the Ticker podcast is sponsored by Broadridge Financial Services

Brandon Van Manen, vice president of operations analytics at Broadridge Financial Services, talks about trends in the retail shareholder space and how companies can boost engagement – and voting rates.

On average, issuers have around a 70/30 split between institutions and retail, explains Van Manen. The two have a fundamentally different approach to investing, with retail shareholders going for brand and household names they know and like, and retail investors far less likely to vote their proxy – and when they do they, they tend to support management.

Listen to the podcast recording below >

On this episode of the Ticker you’ll hear:

– Why it’s good to get your retail shareholders emotionally invested in the company

– How to help retail investors overcome the idea that voting is too complicated or that their small number of shares aren’t worth voting on

– Why, when it comes to communicating with the retail block, it’s all about consistency.