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Best Practice Report: Rethinking retail investors

Jan 11, 2024
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Recently, technology – the rise of fee-free, online brokers – alongside the Covid-19 pandemic added millions of new retail investors to share registers around the world. Retail investors, previously a side note for investor relations, have become a vocal voice at AGMs as well as proving themselves to be loyal, long-term holders.

This report, in partnership with Proxymity, brings you practical steps on how to grow your retail segment, and how to effectively engage with it. Leading IR professionals share tips on what retail investors want to know about from IROs, the kinds of questions they bring to the AGM and the support base they can offer your company.

Key benefits an IRO will get from reading the report

  1. Advice on the tactics that work best when looking to expand your retail ownership.
  2. A view on the communication tools that work for this digitally engaged group of investors.
  3. Examples of what retail investors want when it comes to IR and the questions they ask.
  4. Guidance on how engaged retail investors are when it comes to the AGM – and the support they can provide.
  5. An insight into the value this still under-represented investor group can offer companies looking to boost their retail strategy.

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Best Practice Report: Rethinking retail investors