IR Magazine Media Kit - Introduction

At IR Magazine, we offer innovative advertising and sponsorship opportunities to enable you to get your message in front of our high-level audience of IR professionals. 

We take a consultative approach, working with you to understand your marketing objectives, develop effective campaigns and drive ROI. Our range of content, digital and events solutions can provide maximum value for any budget.

More than 30 years of IR heritage
IR Magazine was founded in 1988 to help IR professionals be more knowledgeable, effective and successful in their careers.

Find out more:

  • Audience statistics >>
    Who is our audience and how many IR professionals and decision-makers can you reach via campaigns with IR Magazine?
  • Events >>
    Want to meet and network with the IR community at our global events?
  • Digital products >>
    Looking for lead-generation, brand awareness, social media and other digital advertising opportunities?
  • Content products >>
    Are thought leadership and content marketing at the forefront of your strategy?
  • 2019 editorial calendar >>
    How does our content match up with your marketing priorities?
  • Specs >>
    You're all set to start your campaign with IR Magazine and get the edge over your competitors - what are the specs for your campaign materials that are going to take the IR world by storm?
  • Contact >>
    Who do I contact to find out more?



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