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May 12, 2021

KCSA Strategic Communications’ Lewis Goldberg and Jeffrey Goldberger discuss the forces shaping the current market for special purpose acquisition companies (Spacs) and the role communications teams play in the Spac process, pre and post-conversion.

We all know there’s been a Spac boom. But Goldberg and Goldberger spoke to IR Magazine’s Jeff Cossette as things had ‘ground to a stop’. ‘This week (April 19) is the first week since March 2020 when we haven’t seen a single new [Spac] issuance,’ said Goldberg.

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In this podcast, you’ll hear about:  

– The lifecycle of a Spac from initial formation to the de-Spac-ing process

– How you can ‘use public relations to feed the investor relations machine’ – and how that’s all about raising the profile of management

– How from the PR side, companies need to do more to talk up management as they work toward identifying a target company

– The goal is to convince investors to stay invested past the de-Spac-ing process, ‘otherwise that company might have to go out and raise capital again relatively quickly’.Read more

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