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Apr 17, 2024

How the buy side uses AI to pick stocks and the truth inside SEC filings – IR Voice

In this episode of IR Voice – formerly The Ticker podcast – we talk about how the buy side is using AI to help with investment decisions and we speak to an SEC filings expert who has spent the past 20 years uncovering hidden truths in US company filings.

IR Magazine reporter Noemi Distefano speaks with Stefanie Mollin, global equities portfolio manager at London-headquartered GIB asset management, to explore the extent to which AI is revolutionizing stock selection for asset managers and how the use of such technologies has evolved over the past decade. Also, considering what IR professionals need to succeed in today’s AI-driven capital markets, Mollin offers best practice advice to IROs on how they can optimize their communication strategies and methods to cater for such changes.

Later in this episode, deputy editor Garnet Roach sits down with Michelle Leder, author, SEC filings expert and founder of Footnoted, a firm that since 2003 has pursued a mission of dissecting company filings to dig out hidden truths.

Leder takes us on a journey into her profession, revealing the path that led her to her current role. She sheds light on her unique approach, unveils some of the most memorable discoveries from her career and pinpoints key elements within filings that raise red flags.

All companies mentioned in the podcast segment dedicated to SEC filings were approached by IR Magazine for comment. At time of writing, Meta, mentioned on the episode for its spend on founder Mark Zuckerberg’s security, responded to our request for comment by redirecting us to pages 64-65 of its 2024 proxy statement.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How the buy side is using AI today
  • How you can adapt your IR strategy and messaging to AI-driven capital markets
  • What raises red flags in SEC filings.

IR Voice provides listeners with insights into cutting-edge issues of the day for IR professionals. The series features interviews with IR experts bringing a global perspective, actionable insights and commentary on trending topics. These include sustainability, activism, corporate access, regulation and more.

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