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Irwin case study: Lantern Pharma
This new case study of Lantern Pharma sets out candid quotes and tips from head of investor relations, Marek Ciszewski, on targeting, tracking and growing relationships with investors. It covers how Lantern Pharma: targets investors by location to arrange meetings around the CEO’s schedule to maximize opportunities targets investors by geographic region, sector, market cap and peer investments for their outreach...Read more
Jul 05, 2021
Covid-19 Update report
IR Magazine ’s Covid-19 Update report is a further study of how the Covid-19 pandemic and social measures to combat it have affected investor relations. Findings in the report are based on 255 interviews with IROs, investors and analysts in May 2021. By downloading this report, you will learn: What the changes to working practices mean for IR How IR resources have been affected by the...Read more
The state of investor relations in the virtual world
What do you do when your business is turned on its head due to a global pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances beyond your control? Cision teamed up with the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) to show how IR teams took on one of the most challenging years in modern history and adjusted strategies for 2021 (and beyond). The study, The state of investor relations in the virtual world ,...Read more
Honing the ESG strategy
This report from Raymond James sets out the latest developments in ESG research, including: useful resources for ESG strategy and research a focus on the S in ESG: social issues how Raymond James have been able to provide sustainability insights on small and mid cap companies that are often less covered or misrated by ESG ratings agencies Download it below for free Please complete the form below...Read more
Financial reporting: How to keep the big picture in focus
This report from News Direct sets out best practice tips to communicate the uniqueness of your brand and culture to investors, reporters and the wider financial community through a multi-channel approach. Download it below to discover: how to pick out what is newsworthy about your earnings this quarter tips for using more impactful digital formats, like infographics, animations, videos and...Read more

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