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Telling your ESG story right
ESG issues are absolutely on the minds of investors. But that doesn’t mean they have the time or wherewithal to sift through big, flowery ESG reports. This useful guide from Clermont Partners looks at how to satisfy your investors, improve your ESG ratings and save yourself some time in the process. Covering how and when to share ESG information, how and why to establish an ESG task force in your organisation and...Read more
Stewardship is eating your world
What is Investment Stewardship? As Vanguard puts succinctly, investment stewardship is “the ways that asset managers/asset owners care for the assets entrusted to them by investors/beneficiaries.” This new report from Glass Lewis examines stewardship - what it is, how they assert it's changing markets, why they say it puts investor relations professionals and corporate secretaries on the frontlines...Read more
ESG & Investor Engagement
ESG & Investor Engagement is an analysis of how corporate professionals and investors engage on ESG issues. The report is based on the responses of around 200 IR professionals, more than 150 members of the investment community and more than 100 corporate governance professionals. The report breaks down the data by region, market cap size and sector. The report looks in detail at the following issues...Read more
First look at the 2019 proxy season
The 2019 proxy season so far shows increased shareholder focus on ESG issues, according to this report from Computershare | Georgeson. Download this useful resource to find out what this means for your strategy, covering sections on environmental and sustainability issues, social issues and more. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be...Read more
Director Tip Sheet: Discussing Boardroom Diversity With Major Shareholders
Shareholder pressure to boost board diversity of skills, experience, age, gender, race/ethnicity, and other attributes continues to increase. NACD has released the Director Tip Sheet: Discussing Boardroom Diversity With Major Shareholders to help inform director-investor conversations about board diversity and composition. This tip sheet, created with input from the investor community, offers guidance and...Read more

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