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A geopolitics playbook for IROs

May 16, 2024
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If the worldwide economic picture of the past decade could be characterized, it may be as a rapidly evolving one. Between a global pandemic, wars breaking out in the Middle East and Europe and ongoing supply-chain problems, issuers have had to grapple with a wide array of extraneous factors affecting their bottom line.

For investor relations professionals – who stand at a crucial juncture between the capital markets and their company’s internal stakeholders – it represents a breadth of challenges and opportunities.

In 2024, it is more crucial than ever for IROs to be completely across these evolving macroeconomic factors and react accordingly. In this IR Magazine Playbook, written in association with AlphaSense, we explore how IR teams can keep abreast of the latest worldwide events and the ensuing impacts on their organization, their competitors and the wider industry.

The playbook also includes data from a survey of communications professionals about the tools, techniques and methods they prefer to employ to keep their stakeholders informed. It further includes commentary on how issuers use market data to help shape and refine their messaging, alongside case studies of two leading investor relations officers about how they keep informed – and inform their investors – about macroeconomic factors affecting them.

Key findings

  • A survey of selected IR professionals finds that inflation is consistently the most critical issue for companies to address, irrespective of industry, region or cap size.
  • When asked which sources they consult on a regular basis regarding geopolitics, the most popular choice is to seek external expert opinions, chosen by 59 percent of respondents.
  • A third of IR professionals say they always use some element of market data to shape their investor messaging, with most using intelligence as a means of comparison or to contrast with their company’s story.
  • More than a quarter of IROs do not run regular scenario-planning exercises with their team, with 42 percent only doing so on an ad hoc basis.
  • When it comes to crisis-response plans, the majority of survey respondents – 52 percent – do not have one in place that caters for geopolitical events.


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A geopolitics playbook for IROs