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Feb 21, 2024

BAT’s double-materiality journey and how AI can help simplify CSRD reporting: The Ticker 147

In the latest episode of The Ticker podcast, we navigate the intricate landscape of corporate reporting, with a spotlight on ESG and the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

IR Magazine reporter Noemi Distefano is joined by Giulia Scanferla, senior ESG reporting manager at British American Tobacco (BAT), to address some of the fundamental questions about CSRD. They explore the differences between CSRD and other sustainability frameworks, examine its integration for companies already adopting voluntary ESG standards and delve into BAT’s experience in double-materiality assessment.

Scanferla offers advice to companies that are getting started on their double-materiality assessment and reporting in preparation for CSRD by delving into BAT’s challenges and successes, and considers the advantages of the regulation.

‘CSRD really changes everything: it makes sustainability real, not just for the sustainability team, but also for other teams across the organization,’ she says.

‘I think sustainability and business leaders will have a bigger opportunity to catalyze this change and make individuals responsible for progress across the organization.’

Later in the episode, IR Magazine deputy editor Garnet Roach speaks with Shell’s sustainability manager Alex Annaev, creator of the AI-powered CSRD Chat tool. Annaev talks about the motivation driving the creation of this innovative chatbot, which aims to make it simple for companies to understand their responsibilities around CSRD, and explains the challenges he faced in developing the chatbot.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How CSRD differs from other sustainability frameworks
  • Advice on how your company can successfully navigate its double-materiality assessment journey
  • What data you need to report under CSRD
  • What the CSRD Chat tool is and how it can help make your reporting practices more efficient.

The Ticker podcast provides listeners with insights into cutting-edge issues of the day for investor relations professionals.

The series features interviews with IR experts bringing a global perspective, actionable insights and commentary on trending topics. These include sustainability, activism, corporate access, regulation and more.

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