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Nov 22, 2023

Winning corporate culture: Tractor Supply Company talks IR, plus a look at UK retail investor trends – The Ticker 144

In the latest episode of The Ticker podcast, IR Magazine senior reporter Garnet Roach speaks with Kurt Barton, CFO at Tractor Supply company. Roach is also joined by the firm’s senior vice president of IR and public relations, Mary Wynn Pilkington.

In a roundtable discussion, they dive deep into some of the key strategies for successful shareholder engagement employed by Tractor Supply Company, a Fortune 500 enterprise.  Barton and Pilkington unpack the company’s distinctive approach to IR, shedding light on how the organization’s corporate culture plays a pivotal role in shaping investor perceptions. They also share best practice advice and examples of how to successfully craft and conduct corporate access events that constitute an informative and immersive experience for current and potentially new investors.

Reporter Noemi Distefano is joined by Dann Bibas, general manager of international operations at Pulse by As the company has recently completed the launch of some key products aimed at retail investors, Bibas offers a glimpse into the company’s expansion into the UK market while also sharing valuable insights into prevailing retail investor trends in the region.

The Ticker is presented in partnership with Pulse by, providing tools for IR teams to engage retail shareholders. Find out more at

In this episode you will hear:

  • The role corporate culture plays in your IR strategy and shareholder communication
  • The impact of board diversity on your investor engagement
  • How to create immersive corporate access events
  • Key behavioral differences between UK and US retail investors
  • Top factors influencing retail investors’ decisions and the type of investment strategies they prioritize.

The Ticker podcast provides listeners with insights into cutting-edge issues of the day for investor relations professionals.

The series features interviews with IR experts bringing a global perspective, actionable insights and commentary on trending topics. These include sustainability, activism, corporate access, regulation and more.

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