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Oct 17, 2022

Taking a strategic approach to investor targeting: ‘Understand what they care about’

Getting started means taking stock of your existing shareholder base

When he thinks about targeting, the first area of focus for Chip Newcom, director of IR at award-winning global data center provider Equinix, is regular communication with the top 25-40 shareholders.

‘The best way to continue to drive value for them is to understand what they care about,’ Newcom says. ‘We proactively reach out to them on a quarterly basis to see whether they have any questions.’

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Newcom, whose company won best IR in the real estate sector at the IR Magazine Awards – US 2022, then looks at which existing investors are overweight or underweight the stock. As a real estate company, one of Equinix’s reference points is the MSCI US REIT Index.

‘That informs us of what kind of conversation to have,’ Newcom says. ‘If the investor is already overweight, we think about what concerns might flip it to be equal or underweight. If it is underweight, we think about what might make it bearish on us relative to other stocks in the index.’

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