Poland: The new European destination [AUDIO]

May 23, 2016
<p>Warsaw might not rival the likes of London or New York but, according to <em>IR Magazine</em> research, companies are spending more time in the Polish capital. We&nbsp;look at who is visiting Warsaw, why they&rsquo;re going &ndash; and who they&rsquo;re seeing</p><p><em>This article is now available to subscribers as an audio recording too &ndash; please see <a href="#audio">below the "At a glance" section</a> for the playback option.</em></p>
At a glance Emerging money The cities crowning the IR Magazine global roadshow top 20 destinations list are unlikely to change any time soon. If you’re looking for a path less trodden, however, our research often uncovers potential new investment destinations

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