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Jan 11, 2024

Best Practice Report: Rethinking retail investors now available

Pre-pandemic, few IR professionals focused on retail investors; the rise of commission-free trading apps coupled with lockdown time and extra cash changed that. After millions of retail investors joined the market in recent years, we hear from leading IROs about how to successfully boost your retail base, how to effectively communicate with this group and what retail investors want from IR.


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We also hear how, removed from the bureaucracy that binds institutional money, retail investors are both an agile group and a loyal one, providing support and stability to the companies they hold.

This report, in partnership with Proxymity, looks at how the retail market has changed – and what it’s worth. It examines retail investment trends to uncover the tactics that work best when it comes to effective targeting and communication with this tech-savvy, online group that wants to make its voice heard.

Featuring IR voices from global companies, this report details how one firm tackled a remit to specifically tap into the retail pie and how another found its loyal retail holders coming out in force against a takeover bid, and hears from an IRO who says that around 90 percent of his company’s private investors hold their shares after five years – while 70 percent still have them after 10 years.


Key benefits an IRO will get from reading the report

  1. Advice on the tactics that work best when looking to expand your retail ownership.
  2. A view on the communication tools that work for this digitally engaged group of investors.
  3. Examples of what retail investors want when it comes to IR and the questions they ask.
  4. Guidance on how engaged retail investors are when it comes to the AGM – and the support they can provide.
  5. An insight into the value this still under-represented investor group can offer companies looking to boost their retail strategy.


Click to read the Best Practice Report: Rethinking retail investors >>


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