Shareholder targeting & ID

Sep 08, 2016
Direct targeting: What’s changed?
Today’s IROs are more likely to bypass the sell side and target investors – and potential investors – directly. This report of a survey into just how much things are changing, and why, shows that the change is both significant and widespread, regardless of sector, market cap or geographical location. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will be sent a...Read more
Sep 01, 2016
Next-generation ownership
Download the white paper to understand the capabilities an IR program needs in order to navigate today’s complex landscape. Highlights include: Who owns your stock? Implications of the complex global market Understanding global ownership: the view differs by region Advanced ownership analytics: context matters Integrating ownership and targeting A virtual team member within your IR workflow How insight and...Read more
Aug 09, 2016
The value of retail investors in today’s volatile market
Retail shareholders continue to be an important, untapped segment in investor relations programs. As Federal Reserve data shows, US individual investors in total have discretion over the single largest pool of equity capital in the US. Yet for IROs, attracting retail investors may not come naturally, as they can be difficult to reach and require a concerted effort. Inside this white paper: Why pursue retail...Read more
Sep 30, 2015
Research report: the pros and cons of cross-border shareholders
Companies are increasingly looking outside of their domestic financial markets for investors in order to diversify their shareholder base but... what prompts companies to do so? How has this trend progressed in recent years? And what will companies' shareholdings look like in the future? These are just some of the questions posed by our latest survey into cross-border investing, as part of our Global IR Survey. We...Read more
Aug 20, 2015
Investor Targeting: Harnessing the data
Targeting has always ranked high on IROs’ lists of priorities, and yet efforts to arrange non-deal roadshows and meet with investors have sometimes been scattershot. This white paper will cover: Trends in targeting and how they might influence your investor relations program The key elements of a sophisticated targeting program: reach, alignment and outcome How big data, analytics and new platforms are enabling IR...Read more
Jul 09, 2013
How satisfied are IROs with their coverage? What makes analyst coverage good or bad? What’s the right number of analysts to have?
Dealing with sell-side analysts is a vital part of an IRO’s job – yet it is not a fixed part. The relationship consistently changes across time and according to region and company size. The changing nature of the relationship between the buy side and the sell side also affects the importance of the sell side to IROs. This report looks at how satisfied IROs are with their company’s sell-side analyst coverage and the...Read more
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