Jul 30, 2013
The evolution of the modern IRO
Today’s Investor Relations Officer plays a substantially different role from that of 5 to 10 years ago. What was historically a communications function has transformed into a senior executive position, requiring knowledge of and proficiency with everything from strategic plans and budgets to balance sheets and industry analysis. Bloomberg's new report, The Evolution of the Modern IRO, draws from several wide-ranging...Read more
May 31, 2013
Research section: Comings and goings in IR
What do IROs do before and after entering the world of investor relations? ‘It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!’ claimed Ian Brown of British band The Stone Roses. ‘Do you know where you’re going to?’ sang Diana Ross. These themes are commonplace in popular culture; it’s scarcely possible to turn on the TV without hearing some reality show contestant talk about his or her ‘journey’. It was even the...Read more
Oct 30, 2012
IR Magazine Global Practice Report 2012
IR Magazine reveals the results of our global practice survey, the largest existing survey of investor relations professionals worldwide. View the press release here: Women in investor relations profession earn less than men, new report finds Gender pay gap persists despite experience and seniority Gain insights from more than 1,400 corporate IR professionals worldwide on important issues...Read more
Mar 29, 2012
Say on Pay research report
When do IROs and corporate secretaries get involved in say on pay? What impact does it have on workload? Where is say on pay headed? These questions are answered in the Say on Pay research report, produced by IR Insight, the research arm of IR magazine . Ahead of the 2012 proxy season, IR Insight asked US IROs and corporate secretaries about...Read more
Nov 29, 2011
Global IR Practice Report 2011
Gain insights from more than 1,200 corporate IR professionals worldwide on important issues including: IR team sizes and budget structures IR team reporting lines (eg, to the CEO or CFO) Differences in IR team responsibility, budget and structure by region External spending and outsourcing IR functions Trends in multiple listings and venues The impact of market cap on budget and team size This extensive, detailed...Read more
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