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IR Magazine Global Practice Report 2012

IR Magazine reveals the results of our global practice survey, the largest existing survey of investor relations professionals worldwide.

View the press release here: Women in investor relations profession earn less than men, new report finds Gender pay gap persists despite experience and seniority

Gain insights from more than 1,400 corporate IR professionals worldwide on important issues including:

  • Salaries of IR professionals according to seniority, region and gender
  • IR team sizes and budget structures
  • IR team reporting lines (eg, to the CEO or CFO)
  • Differences in IR team responsibility, budget and structure by region
  • External spending and outsourcing IR functions
  • The impact of market cap on budget and team size

This extensive, detailed report is crucial to IR professionals who are looking for ways to improve measurable performance and demonstrate results to senior management.

To view a redacted sample of last year's report, click here.
How to get your copy
The report costs $595 but is available free to all professional member subscribers to IR Magazine, who can view the report above. 

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