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May 04, 2023

Best Practice Report: How to engage with the sell side now available

The global competition for capital is fierce so the need to stand out and reach out to sell-side analysts effectively is only going to become an increasingly important part of investor relations. This new best practice report from IR Magazine in partnership with Visible Alpha talks directly with leading IROs on how they successfully deliver their corporate messages and work with the sell side to achieve the greatest value for their IR programs.

We examine what steps IR professionals can take when looking to build their coverage and where collaborators best fit in. We consider the ways sell-side engagement can be maximized in conferences and non-deal roadshows. Think outside of the box with the sell side to gain tangible results outside of traditional targeting methods.

The report includes hints and tips to optimize sell-side success. Our IR experts outline how they evaluate performance and share examples of where sell-side working has proved especially effective.

The experts at Visible Alpha explain the value of analyst models and consensus data as well as the value of assessing the range of analysts’ views and more.

The key benefits an IRO will get from reading the report:

  1.  IROs evaluate their working relationships with the sell side
  2.  Discover the practical steps to build your coverage
  3.  Maximize engagement opportunities to provide input into what’s said, to whom and in what format
  4.  Find out how to make sell-side alliances mutually beneficial
  5. Avoid the errors some IROs make with analysts


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