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Sep 07, 2023

Best Practice Report: Enhance your sell-side engagement now available

If companies found it tough to successfully engage with the sell side before the pandemic, then the volatility of today’s financial market offers little sign of relief. IR teams are confronted with the challenge of cultivating trusting relationships with an industry that is facing its own share of problems. As small and mid-cap companies continue to struggle with dropping levels of analyst coverage, this best practice report speaks directly to experienced IROs about the different levers they pull on behalf of their companies to attract new sell-side followers.


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This report in partnership with AlphaSense tells you the state of the sell-side space today, the pressures its analysts are under, their focus and what it all means for your IR. You will benefit from the tried and tested strategies IROs use to maintain and attract new sell-side followers. Hear where in-person and virtual engagements stack up in effectiveness.

Get your sell-side show on the road by factoring in differing stakeholders, themes, timing, durations and programs while maximizing effectiveness with your C-suite buy-in. You’ll gain a better and truer evaluation of how successful your sell-side engagements are beyond ‘buy’ ratings by using this report’s guidance from the successful IROs it speaks to.


Key benefits an IRO will get from reading the report:

  1. Advice on resetting and enhancing your relationship with past, existing and new sell-side analysts
  2. An understanding of post-pandemic trends and priorities for the sell side
  3. Tips on capitalizing on every interaction
  4. Guidance on determining whether your sell-side engagements and coverage are hitting the targets you set
  5. Help with benchmarking against IR experts’ proven tips for success


Click to read Best Practice Report: Enhance your sell-side engagement >>


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