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May 10, 2023

Targeting new investors is key priority this year

IR Magazine’s latest IR Goals & Challenges report finds more than three in 10 IROs rank this as their top priority

The most important objective for IROs in the year ahead is to target new investors, according to IR Magazine’s latest IR Goals & Challenges report.

The report finds more than three in 10 IROs rank this as their top priority, with three quarters mentioning it as one of their top three objectives.

Enhancing engagement with existing shareholders is the next-most important objective, with 22 percent of IROs making it their top priority and 63 percent ranking it in their top three.

Thinking outside of the box

At the latest IR Magazine Think Tank - East Coast, delegates were told they need to go beyond thinking outside of the box when it comes to retargeting investors and broadening the shareholder base.

At the event, IR experts were encouraged to think beyond current IR strategies and explore a differentiated targeting approach to re-engage investors.

‘It is important to keep in mind that there's different ways to approach a creative targeting exercise,’ said an IR professional at the event.

‘Whether it's completely rethinking a peer group, leveraging or utilizing different peer groups, or getting super specific and hyper focused on a specific strategy which aligns best with your company and your company specific current state or state in the market.’

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2023 IR Strategy - Goals & Challenges