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Jun 27, 2022

‘IR has a lot of agency when it comes to TCFD’: Ticker 131

Why and where companies struggle on TCFD implementation – and some tips to make it easier

Jeff Cossette talks to Stephen Butler, director of investor engagement and ESG disclosure at Luminous, about how sustainability reporting is evolving and some of the common challenges companies face as they increasingly adopt TCFD recommendations.

‘One of the massive challenges we’ve had for quite some time in [the sustainability framework] space is the alphabet soup’ of acronyms and standards issuers have been dealing with, Butler says. ‘We haven’t had a standard approach to looking at these issues.’

That is now changing, however, as the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) weighs in.

The way companies are reporting on these issues is also changing, Butler adds, and in no small part because of TCFD. Today, he says reporting is increasingly linked to the risk – and opportunities – to enterprise value. The question now is: will your company be viable?

Butler also talks through some of the areas companies often struggle with when it comes to TCFD reporting – and the common mistakes he sees.

On this episode of the Ticker you’ll hear:

– What companies can learn from the UK, which, among G20 countries, is perhaps farthest along in the rollout of mandatory TCFD reporting

– Why an increasing number of other jurisdictions around the world are making TCFD-aligned reporting a requirement

– How the new ISSB is set to bring reporting standards together

– Why IR is perfectly positioned to play a key role in TCFD implementation.