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Aug 17, 2015

Closir launches beta for emerging markets corporate access

Platform aims to ease access to companies in Russia and other emerging markets

Closir, a London-based start-up, has launched the beta version of an online platform the company says will help institutional investors access companies in emerging markets.

The beta for the corporate access platform involves listed companies in Russia and institutional investors in London and New York, with 120 firms participating in total, Closir writes in an emailed statement. The firm says it aims to work with the beta testers throughout the UK summer ‘to get a better understanding of their wants and needs, and refine our product accordingly.’

Closir, which was set up last year, has partnered with EQS Group and other advisers as it seeks to tap what it says is a growing interest among institutional investors in emerging markets as investors seek to diversify their portfolios. Closir says it will ‘help investors discover and engage with listed companies, especially those in segments of the market less covered by brokers and financial advisers.’

‘Having spent the last six months working closely with a number of partners to develop the product, we are more confident than ever that technology has a huge role to play in the investment industry, and we are proud to pass this important milestone,’ says Michael Chojnacki, CEO of Closir, in a press release.

In June New York-based venture development firm ValueStream Labs (VSL) announced it would invest in Closir, making the firm its first investment outside the US. Closir says VSL will bring the new platform to hedge funds, fund managers and brokers in the US.

‘Institutional investors in the US and globally continually ask us for new products to help them uncover investment opportunities and higher-quality information,’ says Josh Elwell, partner at VSL. ‘We’re confident Closir will be a great improvement to how the investment industry conducts research in emerging markets.’