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Dec 09, 2022

Best Practice Report: How to demonstrate the value of your IR program

Demonstrating the value of IR is often referred to as the Holy Grail of the profession. IR plays a vital role for public companies, but the impact can be hard to quantify. While most agree that you shouldn’t focus only on the share price, there are several other approaches to choose from, covering both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

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For this best practice report, IR Magazine, in partnership with Irwin, speaks with experienced IR professionals about how they measure the success of their IR function, use those KPIs to motivate their team and report the results to senior management and the board.

Join us as we consider research, investor feedback, finding new buy-side and sell-side evangelists and communicating with the market among the available methods of rating investor engagements. Do the practiced IROs we speak with rely more on softer, qualitative factors or hard numbers? Where do online communities and retail investors fit into the equation? Which external measurements have merit, from investor perception studies and analyst surveys to independent audits and IR awards?

Read this report to:

  1. Make sure your story is being heard and understood by Wall Street
  2. Identify some of the common ways to measure success
  3. Maximize your investor targeting efficiency
  4. Find out why share price valuation is hard to ignore
  5. Factor in external reference points

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