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Oct 12, 2022

Women in IR 2022 report now available

IR Magazine has released a new report examining the different experiences of women and men working in IR. The report compares the salaries and seniority of male and female IR professionals, as well as the demands and responsibilities they have in their role, their professional background, training and career aspirations.

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The report is a deeper analysis of findings from the IR Magazine Salary & Careers Report 2022, breaking data down by region and company size. Results are based on responses to the IR Magazine Global IRO Survey during 2021.

Key findings

  • There are more than twice as many men working as heads of IR in North America as there are women, while the women who do become IR heads typically earn less than the men.
  • The median salary range for North American IROs is the same for both men and women at $100,000 to $149,999.
  • Just under a third of North American men working in IR come from a corporate finance background, compared with one in five women.
  • Only one in five men in North American IR have had accredited professional training with an IR association, while just under half of women have taken such training.
  • The male/female ratio for European IR heads broadly matches the gender make-up of IR teams in general, although men typically earn more as IR heads in Europe than women do.
  • Female IROs in Europe typically more earn more than their male counterparts.
  • A third of men working in European IR came directly from corporate finance, compared with 21 percent of women.
  • The percentage of women IR bosses in Asia is actually higher than the percentage of women working in IR in general.

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