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Best Practice Report: Becoming a trusted adviser to senior management

Dec 16, 2022
Sponsored by
Q4 Inc.

Sponsored by Q4


It’s often said you know you are doing your job well when people start asking for advice from all different parts of the business. From the board and senior management down, you have become a vital resource on the company, the industry and the mood of the capital markets. But how do you become a trusted adviser? In this best practice report, senior IROs explain how to enhance your IR skills and make yourself indispensable to your company to take your career to the next level.

The key benefits an IRO will get from reading the report:

  1. What it really means to be a trusted adviser and how you can deliver value
  2. Deal with challenges by prioritization, networking and time management
  3. Tactics to bolster your adviser credentials within your company
  4. Leading IROs share their experiences in first-person case studies


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