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Jul 09, 2017

Six month review: Chris Taylor from NYSE

We’ve caught up with Chris Taylor, Ipreo’s former global head of IR services, who joined NYSE as vice president, listings and services in January 2017

Six months into your new position, has the job lived up to your expectations?

Everything about being a part of the NYSE has surpassed my expectations. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time from my colleagues in listings, cash equities, options, regulation and corporate actions. But it’s the time I spend with our listed companies that I value and enjoy most.

What do you do on a typical day?

One of the exciting aspects of my role is that there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’. Of course, the agendas of most of our internal meetings are driven by our issuer community and what the NYSE can do to ensure our markets and services meet the needs of our nearly 2,500 listed companies.

The rest of the day is often driven by who is in our building. Listed companies and prospects come in every day to visit the trading floor and their designated market maker (DMM), to hold an investor day or a board meeting, or celebrate a milestone in their company’s history. We also host heads of state and other government officials on a regular basis. I have the privilege of being one of the hosts for the NYSE’s opening bell and closing bell ceremonies. Being on the world-famous NYSE bell podium with the team from our listed companies is always a highlight of my day.

How does your background in IR services help you in your new role?

Every day, I use the skills and knowledge I’ve built over the past 25+ years. I’m most excited to use my IR background to assist in the development of functionality and content available on NYSE Connect, our market data platform available to all NYSE-listed companies at no cost. We’ve custom-built a platform around the expanding informational needs of IROs to ensure we meet and exceed their need for continuous market and stock-specific information.  Detailed sell-side estimates and research are coming soon… watch this space.

Candice de Monts-Petit

Candice de Monts-Petit

Candice de Monts-Petit joined IR Magazine as a senior editor in 2012. Prior to this, she worked in investor relations, first as an IRO for oil and gas firms in Paris and Moscow and subsequently as an IR consultant in London. She graduated in business...