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May 22, 2023

New IR-specific occupation codes launch on Bucharest Stock Exchange

IROs to have official recognition of job

The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) has announced the introduction of two new occupation codes specific to IR on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The new codes are dedicated to the positions of investor relations director and investor relations specialist.

As a result of the new coding, the association estimates there will be an increase in the number of people trained in this field as well as greater attention from companies on the recruitment of specialized personnel.

Sign of evolution

Daniela Șerban, president and co-founder of ARIR, says the inclusion of the positions of specialist and director for IR is a sign of the ‘evolution and maturity’ of the Romanian capital market.

‘It is an important success of ARIR in promoting investor relations activity in Romania and in simplifying the employment of personnel in these specific positions,’ she says. ‘We have had a very good collaboration with all the institutions involved in this process and we thank them for the support provided to the IR community.’

New IR-specific occupation codes launch on Bucharest Stock Exchange
Daniela Șerban, ARIR

Adrian Tănase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, adds that the inclusion of the IR-specific positions will ‘contribute even more to the increased importance the companies listed on the stock exchange have already begun to give to IR.

‘At the same time, from now on, employees specialized in communicating with investors will have an official recognition of their job and listed companies will be able to increase their visibility through the recruitment process of these specialists.’