Hong Kong Broadband Network appoints home-grown CFO

Dec 19, 2017
Appointment of Andrew Wong also sees him join the management committee

The Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has announced that with effect from January 1, 2018, Andrew Wong will be appointed to serve as HKBN’s first ever home-grown CFO.

Currently the group’s financial controller, Wong will continue to lead the finance team as well as oversee its investor relations efforts in his new role.

Wong commands more than 11 years of multifaceted experience at HKBN, rising up the group’s ranks first as its finance manager to eventually lead the finance team via milestones like HKBN’s IPO in 2015, New World Telecom acquisition in 2016, and debt re-financing projects from 2013-2016.  

Wong’s journey with HKBN started long before he joined the group in 2006.

As a former auditor with KPMG, interactions with the CTI (a predecessor entity of the current business), the group's culture and especially the quality of its talents were enough to convert him into a backer – leading Wong to invest his entire career savings in CTI shares right after he left KPMG.

Shortly afterwards – with skin in the game – Wong embraced his growth transformation by launching his HKBN career as a finance manager.

As a testament of his all-in commitment to HKBN, Wong participated in the company’s co-ownership Plan I (launched July 2012) and Plan II (launched June 2015) by respectively pledging the maximum allowable investment amount to be a co-owner.  

‘It is with great pride that we welcome Andrew, our newly appointed CFO, and as a new addition to our management committee (MC) of five corporate executives. Andrew is the first amongst our very deep talent bench to join our MC, and we expect to see more make this jump in the coming few years,’ says HKBN group chief operating officer and co-owner NiQ Lai.


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