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Jun 16, 2023

Highlights from CIRI, NIRI and AIRA 2023: Ticker 139

In the latest episode of The Ticker podcast, IR Magazine reporter Noemi Distefano, senior reporter Tim Human and editor-in-chief James Beech catch-up around the mic to discuss key highlights from two major IR annual conferences which took place in the past month: CIRI 2023 and NIRI 2023.

As CIRI’s annual conference took place in-person in Toronto in May for the first time since 2019, Human reports on trending topics at the conference including the importance of self-care for IROs, top tips for IR practitioners to level up their career and views on ESG reporting.

As NIRI 2023 concluded in Chicago in early June, Beech highlights some of the burning matters that dominated this year’s conference including talks around the evolution and status of ESG, the rise of artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT and their impact on the IR profession.

The second part of the show features an interview from the floor of NIRI 2023 with Patrick Kiss, head of IR at Deutsche EuroShop to delve deeper into some of the hot topics addressed at some of conference sessions and lessons for German IROs.

And as the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) also held its annual conference in Sydney earlier this month, CEO Ian Matheson discusses some of the hot topics tackled at this year’s conference. The AIRA event, which predominantly focused on ESG this year, offered IROs on both sides of the Tasman Sea an opportunity to gain peer-to-peer advice on best practices, how to navigate the regulatory landscape and tackle greenwashing.

Matheson also talks about the status of the retail investment community in Australasia.

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In this episode you will hear:

  • Key highlights from CIRI 2023
  • The most discussed topics at NIRI 2023
  • Best practice advice from AIRA 2023
  • The challenges facing the retail investment community in Australasia.

The Ticker podcast provides listeners with insights into cutting-edge issues of the day for investor relations professionals.

The series features interviews with IR experts bringing a global perspective, actionable insights and commentary on trending topics. These include sustainability, activism, corporate access, regulation and more.

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