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Mar 13, 2024

Global IR Salary & Careers Report now available

How much are IROs paid? Where in the world can heads of IR earn the most money? How balanced is the profession in terms of gender?

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This report is available to IR Advanced and IR Intel subscribers to IR Magazine.

The IR Magazine Global IR Salary & Careers Report 2024 is our latest report examining the current level of salaries and bonuses paid to both heads of IR and IROs, benchmarked against data collected in the previous instalment of this research in 2022.

It also examines the jobs and backgrounds IR professionals had before joining the profession, as well as the responsibilities outside of IR they have in their current role. We explore the education levels of respondents, the professional qualifications they hold and the training they have completed.

We also continue our previous exploration of the gender gap in IR by comparing the roles of men and women working in the industry, along with their respective pay and bonuses.

For the first time this year, we look at how IROs’ roles have changed over the past two years, and whether they have switched company, sector or location, or moved into or out of their role on a rotational basis. We further examine the aspirations of IROs and the factors they consider important to their career development, including the impact of hybrid working on their job.

This report overview is available to IR Advanced and IR Intel subscribers to IR Magazine.

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