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Oct 30, 2018

How putting proxies on blockchain could transform IR: Ticker 94

‘There are three basic pain points [in the proxy process]. Blockchain solves them quickly’

This episode of the Ticker podcast is brought to you by Broadridge Financial Solutions. 

They say it’s the future of money. They say it’s going to change the world. Blockchain, otherwise known as distributed ledger technology – or DLT, and the technology behind bitcoin – will likely force plenty of change in how business gets done. When it comes to investor relations, one of the first ways IROs might feel the impact is at the AGM. In theory, blockchain can boost security, transparency and efficiency. Which is why organizations like Spanish bank Santander and fintech firm Broadridge Financial Solutions are taking a big bet on blockchain’s promise

Patricia Rosch is president of international investor communication solutions at Broadridge. She believes blockchain has, in her words, ‘legs’. But the question remains: is it ‘transformational’? On this episode of the Ticker podcast, Rosch talks proxy pain points, the role of trust in shareholder democracy and Broadridge’s network approach to building a blockchain solution.