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Oct 12, 2018

Broadcasting from the Citadel Securities post on the floor of the NYSE: The Ticker 93

‘In some ways, big companies are disadvantaged because they're presumed to have a more traditional view and a franchise to protect’

This episode of The Ticker is brought to you from the Citadel Securities post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

On this episode of The Ticker, Alex Stanton, CEO of Stanton PR, talks about how to navigate the next, inevitable downturn and what has changed in the decade since the global financial crisis. He points to four shifts brought about by the crisis: the rise of credible third-party pundits, compliance pulling up a seat at the table, a broken social contract between employers and employees that’s resulted in an erosion of loyalty and a greater potential for leaks, and the comeback of storytelling. On this last point, Stanton suitably extols the benefits of podcasts, arguing that companies should be engaging in a conversation that millennials in particular can be a part of.

We also hear from Radek Barnert, CEO of WeConvene, as he looks to the future and what IR needs to know about the potential offered by virtual reality. While he stresses this is still a long way off, the technology could allow you to hold a virtual site visit, allowing investors to walk around, in real time, while haptic technology – the tech behind the touch sensors on your smartphone – could even let you shake hands and touch products, he explains.