May 17, 2021
Retail Investors report
IR Magazine ’s Retail Investors report examines retail investment levels and attitudes toward individual rather than institutional investors. Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted in Q1 2021. By downloading this report, you will learn: How IROs feel about their current levels of retail investment The best methods for communicating with...Read more
Nov 03, 2020
Technology & IR 2020
IR Magazine’s latest report into the use of technology in IR examines how investor relations teams are handling their technology budgets, where they focus their resources and how happy they are with the tools they are using. Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted in Q3 2020. By downloading this report, you will learn: How much IR...Read more
Professional IR Webcasting: A Buyers Guide
The modern investor relations communication is no longer just about broadcasting results to your investors and the financial community. As one of your flagship communication events in the calendar year, results time is an opportunity to instil absolute confidence in the business, while demonstrating that you are leading the charge with exceptional ideas and doing the right thing as an organization...Read more
Sep 16, 2016
12 ways to help your IR and PR teams work as one
Investor Relations (IR) is a PR function. PR works for Investor Relations. Both true because both teams work for the same goal. But, the people behind Investor Relations, Public Relations, and all the other comms functions often sit in different departments. That’s an opportunity: there are countless areas where stronger collaboration can deliver results. Areas like Regulation Fair Disclosure, keeping every...Read more
Jun 02, 2016
Should Boards of Directors Communicate with Shareholders?
Director-shareholder ­­­communication has become a critical part of both normal-course and contentious investor relations. Despite this trend, many directors are passionately against the idea of engaging directly with shareholders. Directors who have successfully engaged with shareholders offer important recommendations, including: have a policy, identify directors who are best suited for the task, have an agenda,...Read more
Apr 15, 2015
Maximizing the value of communication
Stressed, yet optimistic. That’s the feeling of more than 30 senior investor relations and communications executives whom we interviewed recently about industry trends. Read more about the key themes we uncovered, including verbatim comments like these: “Need to crack media relations code in a digital world” “Create a ‘stop doing and start thinking’ mentality” “We’re about tomorrow. Measuring...Read more
Feb 15, 2015
Social media for corporate communications
Investis has published its first review of the use of social media for corporate communications. It provides the results of its survey of 500 of the biggest publicly listed companies in the UK and the US. Download it today to discover: best practice for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Slideshare and Pinterest the difference that actively engaging with social media for IR can make the percentage of...Read more
Feb 15, 2015
Avoid ‘greenblushing’ with five good reasons to communicate
'Greenblushing' has been defined as 'limited or no information disseminated by an organization so as to understate or ignore its commitment to, and actions on, environmental responsibility', and it’s a rampant problem among companies. Find out why Dix & Eaton thinks it is important for companies to be communicating about their sustainability/CSR journeys. Please complete the form below with the information...Read more
Apr 10, 2014
How to automatically and hands-free send news over social media
Social media and IR are not quite the best of buddies yet. However, it is a bonafide news channel. The problem for most investor relations departments is that social media appears time-consuming and the ROI is difficult to measure. This white paper offers an easy, hands-free roadmap. It also discusses the difference between Twitter and StockTwits. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once...Read more
Mar 17, 2014
A guide to what’s new in IR communications
From the latest trends in webcasting and earnings reports to creating the best IR website or putting social media to work for your IR program, this free report from NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions offers you the latest in IR communications. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the white paper. We need this information so that...Read more
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