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Shareholder engagement in an age of activism

Mar 12, 2020


Is an activist investor targeting your company right now? An activist investor could show up unexpectedly, but by then they will have had time to prepare their strategy and approach. You need to prepare now if you want your company to have an advantage if or when that happens. Activist scenarios can be costly, distracting and damaging, whether they end in a settlement or a proxy fight. Corporate secretaries and senior legal and IR professionals increasingly recognize that a pre-existing and productive relationship with investors can be critically important to a successful outcome in the event of an activist.

Companies of all sizes have prioritized effective engagement programs to proactively provide investors information. Engagement establishes a mutual understanding between companies and their investors by allowing companies to explain business issues and highlight specific topics while investors have the opportunity articulate priorities and concerns.

When it comes to activist situations, the strength of your company’s investor relationships and your ability to communicate with investors can make or break your company’s chances of achieving a successful result. Like shareholder engagement, activist readiness should be a year-round, strategic endeavor for companies of all sizes and industries. Of the many steps to take to prepare for an activist, engagement is a critical one. This whitepaper explores how engagement fits into activist readiness and outlines best practices for effective engagement programs.

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