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As we prepare for the 2022 season, the profound impact that ESG has had on the past year is important context that companies cannot afford to ignore. In the past year, we have seen investors grow more focused on ESG topics than ever before with a rapid and groundbreaking shift in how they voted at US public company annual meetings.

Highlights from the 2021 season include:

  • A rapid increase in institutional investor voting on shareholder proposals and director elections
  • A record-breaking number of environmental shareholder proposals passing with unprecedented levels of support
  • Of the environmental-related shareholder proposals that reached a vote, more than twice as many passed compared to the 2020 proxy season
  • Board diversity and disclosure of ESG issues increasingly influence votes against directors
  • Workforce diversity-focused shareholder proposals have seen exponential growth in submissions over the past few seasons

With investors substantially more focused on the ESG risks and opportunities of the companies in which they invest, staying on top of the trends and new and emerging topics is critical in 2022.

For a comprehensive analysis of the most important 2021 proxy season voting and ESG trends, read the Annual Corporate Governance Review.

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