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Apr 26, 2022

Why Ford won the best investor event prize at IR Magazine Awards – US 2022

‘Tell that story in a compelling way,’ recommends IR executive director Lynn Antipas Tyson

The best investor event award-winning capital markets day held by Ford Motor Company in 2021 showed that a high-quality meeting imparting information valuable to investors doesn’t need to take two days, according to Ford’s IR veteran.

Lynn Antipas Tyson, executive director of IR at Ford and a 26-year IR practitioner, told IR Magazine on the US Awards red carpet that the auto giant’s capital markets day was ‘extremely difficult’ due to a multitude of challenges. There was a Covid-19 lockdown, Ford had not held an analyst meeting in four years, a new CEO had arrived and the industry was undergoing massive disruption.

Lynn Antipas Tyson,
Ford Motor Company

‘We had to figure out a way to compact all of that in a short timeframe to explain the investment thesis of the company in a compelling way,’ Antipas Tyson said at the gala event in New York on March 31.

Ford’s IR team delivered a highly focused and well-received 90-minute, pre-recorded TV show-like event in its augmented reality studio, followed by a 60-minute live Q&A at the heart of its outreach.

Antipas Tyson said Ford was undergoing a ‘pretty radical restructuring’ with the advent of electric vehicles while demand for internal combustion engine vehicles carried on growing. ‘Continuing to tell that story to capital markets in a compelling way is really the biggest challenge and opportunity we’re going to have,’ she noted.

James Beech

James Beech joined IR Media Group as editor-in-chief of IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary in January 2022. He was a multimedia journalist, editor, client relationship manager, awards host and public speaker at Campden Wealth, for and about the...