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Jul 10, 2023

Sustainability reporting: Navigating the iterative process of ESG report drafting

Five steps to strong sustainability reporting for the biggest business impact – Step 3
The drafting and iteration phase of sustainability reporting can be complex and time-consuming without proper measurement systems and reporting governance in place. Prioritizing data review and audit ensures the accuracy and reliability of the reported information, providing stakeholders with trustworthy data to make informed decisions. Every organization is unique and data collection methods should be tailored to fit the company's specific operating context. Some organizations may opt for spreadsheet-based

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Sylvie Harton

Sylvie Harton is the chief business strategy officer at Lumi Global where she leads Lumi's future growth strategy. Prior to her role at Lumi, Harton was SVP, Strategy & Global head of IR and PR solutions at Notified where she led M&A, strategic...
Chief business strategy officer