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Proxymity’s head of product on the best ways to reach retail investors

Feb 12, 2024

IR Magazine recently published its latest best practice report, entitled Rethinking retail investors, in partnership with Proxymity.

The report offers a tactical roadmap for IR practitioners seeking to successfully harness and engage with retail shareholders. Veteran IR professionals share actionable insights into understanding the specific needs of retail investors, from their burning questions at AGMs to the digital communication channels that best resonate with these digitally savvy shareholders.

In this video, Andy Myers, Proxymity’s head of product, delves into crucial insights from the report, emphasizes the significance of IROs re-evaluating their perception of retail investors and discusses the anticipated pivotal communication channels for effectively engaging these audiences in 2024.

‘I think a lot of companies have had a lot of revelation around the loyalty of retail shareholders,’ he says. ‘They’re much longer-term-focused than institutional investors, which are much more focused on the quarterly numbers.

‘Retail investors present themselves – particularly now – as loyal investors.’

Click to read Best Practice Report: Rethinking retail investors >>

Best Practice Report: Rethinking retail investors