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Feb 23, 2021

Why a little regulation can be a good thing and whether this whole ESG thing is just a fad: Ticker 122

‘It’s not enough to say good things – you have to do good things’

IR Magazine’s Jeff Cossette talks to Joe Vicari, practice lead for ESG at Broadridge Financial Solutions, on how disclosure will at least attract greater scrutiny – and potentially even regulatory mandate – under US President Joe Biden’s government, where companies go wrong on ESG and why they should be casting a wider net when it comes to thinking like an investor.

This episode of The Ticker is sponsored by Broadridge Financial Solutions


Listen to the podcast recording below >

In this podcast, you’ll hear about:   
– What impact Biden and his SEC nominee Gary Gensler are likely to have on ESG reporting
– Why you can’t ignore ESG ratings agencies, even if they have differing views
– Why companies don’t always get recognized for their ESG efforts
– Why issuers should think outside of their own organization when considering their ESG impact
– Why ESG isn’t going anywhere, even if most companies still say they don’t get calls about the ESG program.