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Apr 08, 2020

Ticker 114: Impax’s Julie Gorte on incentivizing corporate boards to take climate risk seriously

‘Boards must stop thinking about [climate risk] as something they can get to at some point when they have time. It’s something to get to now. We’re out of time’

IR Magazine's Jeff Cossette talks with Julie Gorte, senior vice president for sustainable investing at Impax Asset Management and Pax World Funds, about how she engages with corporate boards over climate risk. He also discusses communication strategies around climate risk with Cathy Conlon, Broadridge’s vice president of issuer strategy.

Listen to the podcast recording below >

In this podcast, you’ll hear about: 
- Why investors are becoming more concerned about climate change
- How corporate boards should think about climate risk 
- What will it take for boards to take global warming more seriously?
- How should companies communicate over global warming and other climate risks?