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Jan 29, 2019

How to speak long term: From the Citadel Securities post at the NYSE – Ticker 97

‘Whether an IR person wants to do this or not, it’s going to become standard course of business over the next five years anyway, so you might as well get ahead of it’

This episode of The Ticker podcast comes to you from the Citadel Securities trading post on the floor of the NYSE.

More and more of the world’s largest fund managers expect that the delivery of long-term plans will become a mainstream feature of the schedule of corporate communications with shareholders.

This week’s Ticker podcast guests talk about the emerging ‘new normal’ and the role of IR in refocusing capital markets communications. Mark Tulay, director of the Strategic Investor Initiative, discusses fresh ways for CEOs to share their long-term business plans for sustainable value creation with institutional investors.

Plus, Ipreo’s Brian Matt weighs in with a research report on voting trends in the environmental shareholder proposal space along with commentary on the changing IR role when it comes to discussing long-term risks and opportunities.