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May 21, 2019

How to not be an activist’s target this proxy season: Ticker 102

‘The most important factor is a company that is underperforming and doesn’t articulate why’

This episode of The Ticker podcast comes to you from the Citadel Securities trading post on the floor of the NYSE.

Shareholder activism has exploded since the start of the financial crisis a decade ago. New players, technologies, strategies and issues present IROs with a complex playing field and the likelihood of a dynamic 2019 proxy season. While any underperformer is vulnerable, a recent report suggests consumer discretionary, financials and telecommunications companies will find themselves especially in the crosshairs.

On this Ticker podcast, host Jeff Cossette speaks with top proxy solicitor Bruce Goldfarb, founder and CEO of Okapi Partners. Goldfarb says companies with strong shareholder communications and robust ESG policies are better positioned to deter or fend off an activist’s attack.