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IR Magazine Summer 2020 edition

It’s hard to know how to start this welcome letter, after such a turbulent few months. I suppose I’ll open by saying: thank you for reading and I hope that you’re well.      

Many of us enjoy IR. Many more are enriched by it. Some are even passionate about it. But it’s also a job. During the last few months, we’ve had bigger concerns. We’ve all made the uncomfortable adjustment to staying at home. Some of you have had Covid-19. Some of you have lost jobs, had difficult conversations with family members, grappled with mental or physical well-being, or struggled to focus while a constant hum of anxiety rattles in the background like a fly you can’t swat. Some of you have lost loved ones.

So I mean it when I say thank you for reading and I hope that you’re well.

In 31 years of IR Magazine’s existence, this is the first ever digital-only issue. We don’t want to risk exposing anyone to the virus – printed magazines can wait until it’s safe to print and distribute them again. But the need to understand what has happened in the public markets during the last few months can’t wait.

We've handpicked some highlights from this issue below, but if you'd prefer to jump straight into the full magazine, you can do so here.

Summer 2020 features:

- Corporate access in lockdown
IR lessons learned during the Sars outbreak
What happens to IR in a downturn?
Influential proposal providers face uncertainty
Research Report: Measuring E&S
The great leveler: Reg FD 20 years on
Q&A: Victoria Redgrave of Fidelity Investments
- How are emerging market indexes evolving? 


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