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Jun 03, 2020

Measuring E&S report now available

IR Magazine’s Measuring E&S report is an analysis of investors’ and IR professionals’ views and opinions on E&S data providers.

Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey January 2020 and the IR Magazine Global Investor Survey 2019.

This report examines how investors from the buy-side community perceive E&S data providers, which providers they use and what they specifically look for in E&S data. It further looks at how IR professionals view E&S data and how many questionnaires they complete in a year, as well as how many E&S meetings are conducted during a year and the main topics that come up with investors.

The report contains verbatim comments expressing the individual opinions of buy-side respondents and IR professionals.

Key findings

  • Importance placed on governance metrics is similar across regions for buy-side respondents, but there are big regional differences on environmental metrics, with Europe placing the most importance on these.
  • One in five buy-side respondents thinks their firm’s own environmental data offers the best methodology.
  • Investors subscribe to a median of two E&S data providers.
  • Nearly four in 10 IR professionals report limited interactions with E&S data providers.
  • Just under one in five IR professionals thinks E&S data providers do not produce accurate E&S data.
  • IR professionals in Europe have twice as many environmental conversations with investors as those in North America. IR professionals in Asia hold the highest number of social conversations with investors.
  • IR professionals are being asked for more regular discussions on E&S data.


Click here to download the report.

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