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Jul 25, 2016

Valmet: Why we launched an IR video gallery

Finnish firm’s IR team does all video production in-house

Valmet’s investor relations team launched an IR Video Gallery in mid-2015. The gallery, which brings together all videos for investors in one place, serves as a visual way to learn about Valmet and the investment story. It acts as a supplement for our ‘traditional’ content, such as presentations, charts and text, on the investor website.

The main purpose of the gallery is to more effectively incorporate video and animation into our investor communications. It also helps to share information from different investor events, such as site visits, equally among all market participants.


The videos, typically two to five minutes long, are perfect for self-education, but also work brilliantly as an introduction in investor meetings, especially if the investor does not know Valmet that well. Although not originally the purpose of the videos, some of the clips have also been requested by Valmet’s sales people, to be used in sales and customer meetings to give a short overview of the company.

The gallery includes an educational video series called Valmet Academy. These are simple yet effective animations covering larger topics, such as Valmet’s business or the investment story. As we say on our website: ‘The Video Academy provides an easy way to get to know Valmet. By watching these short videos, you’ll learn the basic facts of Valmet, its markets, operations, growth drivers and many other things when considering Valmet as an investment.’

The other videos cover a range of areas, from event recaps and results summaries to interviews and site visit summaries.

Valmet video gallery

When Valmet’s IR team started planning and setting up the IR Video Gallery, we had four main criteria:
1) The videos have to be short (two to five minutes)
2) They have to be educational/descriptive
3) The video-making process has to be quick, efficient and lean
4) Making the videos has to be cost-efficient.

After some consideration, we decided the best approach was to make everything in-house. Valmet’s IR team uses its own resources to create all aspects of the videos, including scripting, voice recording, filming, animating, editing and publishing. (Results webcasts and AGM videos, however, are produced by external partners). This ensures a very lean and effective way to get things done: for example, a site visit summary video can be published the following day.

Hanna-Maria Heikkinen is head of IR at Valmet