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Sep 10, 2015

Q4 launches its own subsidy program for newly listed companies

Q4 IPO Subsidy Program offers two years of website and webcast tools

Q4 Web Systems has launched a package of services, website and webcast tools that will be offered free of charge to companies going public, the company says.

The IPO Subsidy Program is designed to serve as an ‘enablement package’ that offers companies planning an IPO services to help them start up and improve their IR programs. It will offer, at its basic level, a two-year web-hosting subscription and a two-year webcasting subscription covering four earnings events per year, as well as other Q4 products. After two years, clients will receive discounts on Q4 services.

Darrell Heaps, CEO of Q4, says the IPO Subsidy Program will work alongside the NYSE and NASDAQ subsidy programs – which also provide free services to newly listed firms – as it was created ‘to provide IPO clients with more choice in the market so they have the ability to separate their listing decision from their choice of service provider.’

Q4 says it has worked with more than 160 IPO clients and was responsible for more than 20 percent of NYSE and NASDAQ IPOs in 2014.