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Feb 06, 2018

PTTEP: From webcasts to chat rooms and award-winning IR

How PTT Exploration & Production won in the best multimedia category

Mini-profile taken from the Award-Winning IR – Asia 2017 report details why PTT Exploration & Production won the best use of multimedia for IR award at the IR Magazine Awards – South East Asia 2017

Multimedia is a critical component of a good distribution strategy as an IR communication tool these days. The more integrated multimedia channels are, the better communication is with investors in this rapidly changing environment. Moreover, PTT Exploration & Production’s (PTTEP) biggest challenge during the past few years was to demonstrate the ability to manage investor confidence in the company amid the low oil-price environment. 

PTTEP offers a webcast the day after its analyst meetings for stakeholders that could not attend the meeting in person, as well as an English transcript and voiceover within 10 business days. 

PTTEP endeavors to consistently improve in several other ways, too. One way is by benchmarking its products/services globally and always seriously considering and taking action on the feedback received from stakeholders. A recent example of this is the launch of infographics to provide industry knowledge to investors. This was described on one occasion via a three-part process: one, how PTTEP dealt with the low oil-price environment; two, depreciation, depletion and amortization; and three, oil-price hedging. The company also launched a video about non-recurring items on its website to educate investors. Finally, to keep up with the social media trend, the PTTEP team created a chat room called LINE, where analysts are able to interact with the team and management 24/7. 

By balancing the simplicity of access with the savviness of multimedia in IR, the judges noted that the company embarked on new IR products not only to meet the needs of the investment community – especially retail investors, who have limited knowledge of the oil and gas industry – but also to streamline work processes, such as channeling feedback to management in a more timely and efficient manner. 

The company believes the use of multimedia in IR helps inform and educate its retail and institutional investors for better understanding on the company background, industry information, business structure, financial performance and strategic direction.