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Nov 24, 2015

London Stock Exchange Group IR platform goes live

ELITE Connect designed to help with investor searches and communication 

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has gone live with ELITE Connect, a new platform the company says will help IR professionals manage relations with investors locally and globally, find new business opportunities and do their work more efficiently.

The open-access technology platform is designed with a social networking platform function meant to help IROs find potential new investors and connect with other users of the system, including public companies, investors and brokers, LSEG says in a press release.

‘Now that new technologies are fundamentally impacting the way people interact and communicate, London Stock Exchange Group is offering a new solution that allows financial market participants to be the first movers in a rapidly changing environment,’ says Xavier Rolet, chief executive of LSEG.

The firm says the new platform will also serve as a marketing tool for investors and intermediaries by allowing them to increase their visibility and boost their access to companies they invest in, or are considering investing in.

ELITE Connect is designed with a digital meeting room that allows videoconferences and helps with note-taking and document-sharing, LSEG says. It also allows for tailored participant profile pages and has a calendar that can be used to schedule meetings between users and co-ordinate availability for communications. It includes a function that allows users to search for companies and investors by company name, size, location and industry.

‘In many ways, the use of digital investor communications is creating a more level playing field by enabling companies to extend their reach to existing and new target audiences, while at the same time potentially offering a more tailored solution to meet the needs of a larger and discerning audience, equally equipped with online tools,’ says John Gollifer, general manager of the UK’s IR Society, in the LSEG press release.