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Oct 27, 2023

IR TV Now: Navigating AI's impact on policy, application and safety

IR Magazine is delighted to announce the launch of the third episode of IR TV Now, the show dedicated to hearing from IR professionals about issues affecting the sector right now.

During this episode we unpick all the ways artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the IR landscape, looking at how early adopters are including it and some of the drawbacks people may have when using AI. We also look at the challenges of safely implementing AI across a business and whether companies should have their own AI policy.

Reporter Noemi Distefano speaks to Quentin Weber, senior adviser for IR at WSP, about the importance of due diligence when using AI tools. ‘From my perspective, I think establishing some early context when using AI is key,’ he says. ‘When defining AI and its various applications, I feel sometimes that we use it but don’t even know we’re using it, so providing that context is very important.’

Distefano also speaks to Irina Logutenkova, head of IR at Getech, about what steps companies need to take before implementing an AI tool. ‘First you need to read the terms and conditions and understand how the data is stored in AI,’ she explains. ‘Is it safe and protected? It’s really important to understand that.’

Mia Nordlander, senior vice president of IR at Kambi, talks to IR Magazine about how she thinks AI will shape the future of IR in the long term. ‘We will now be able to collect massive amounts of data to do analysis and interpretation [using AI],’ she says. ‘This can give us valuable insight into investor preference and behavior.

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