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Feb 13, 2023

Business of blockchain: Nothing spurs legislation like a crisis – Crypto in the regulators’ crosshairs

Why rules will mean more institutional and retail adoption as crypto mainstreams to IROs’ doorsteps
Three Arrows Capital, Celsius Network, FTX, BlockFi and Genesis: just a smattering of significant cryptocurrency companies declaring bankruptcy since mid-2022, collectively loosing tens of billions of dollars, including a lot of investors’ funds. Does this mark the end of crypto in the non-regulated shadows, with its techno token Ponzi-schemers and dodgy decentralized finance (DeFi) products? Well, no, because nothing stimulates legislation more than a crisis, and capital market professionals

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Linda Montgomery

Linda Montgomery is a Toronto-based tech industry marketing executive and IR professional. She holds two business degrees and a CPIR (Certified Professional in Investor Relations) designation from the Canadian Investor Relations Institute.