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Apr 01, 2020

Small-Cap IR report now available

IR Magazine has released a comprehensive report into the practice of IR at small-cap companies. Based on data from the past three years of our Global IR Survey, the Small-Cap IR report provides an analysis of investor relations at small-cap companies in comparison to the practice of IR at other cap sizes.


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The report looks at what resources are available for IR at small-cap companies and how senior management is involved in IR at small caps. It also looks at how small-cap IR deals with the investment community, its level of engagement and type of interaction. Finally, the report investigates the investment community’s attitude to small-cap companies and what its key challenges are for investing in them.

Key findings:

  • Small-cap IR teams typically have more than one member fewer than the average for all cap sizes. 
  • IR professionals at small-cap companies are much more likely to have multiple roles and additional responsibilities outside of IR.
  • While small-cap IR budgets are 40 percent lower than the all-cap average, the gap between budgets at small-cap companies and other cap sizes has narrowed.
  • More than three quarters of small-cap IR heads meet with the CEO at least monthly; half meet with the board quarterly.
  • Small-cap companies typically hold just over half the average number of meetings held by companies regardless of cap size.
  • Small-cap companies are less focused than other companies on ESG issues.  
  • The main challenges facing the investment community in investing in small-cap companies are liquidity and lack of information.


Click here to download the report >>


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