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Jul 27, 2023

Small and Mid-cap IR report now available

IR Magazine has released a new report analyzing the differences in IR practice and IRO views found at small and mid-cap companies, compared with those found at larger companies. The findings analyzed are taken from various IR Magazine reports and surveys from Q1 2022 to Q2 2023.

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This report is available only to IR Advanced and IR Intel subscribers to IR Magazine.

The report examines IR resources and the role of IROs, engagement with investors and senior management, the priorities of IROs, use of external services and attitudes to corporate involvement in social issues.

Key findings

  • IR teams at larger companies typically have *** IR budget of small and mid-cap IR teams.
  • From small to large cap, each increase in cap size sees an increase in team size of just over a third.
  • The median salary for both small and mid-cap IROs is one pay bracket lower than for large/mega-cap IROs.
  • The number of IR team members with no additional responsibilities outside of IR increases with company size.
  • From small to mega-cap, the real-term rise in the number of investor meetings increases with each cap size.
  • The key difference in the number of investor conferences attended is between small-cap and mid-cap companies.
  • More than *** of small-cap IR teams report directly to their CEO, compared with *** at mid-caps, *** at large caps and *** of mega-cap IR teams.
  • There is little difference according to company size in the amount of time senior management spends on IR.
  • Senior managers at small-cap companies typically attend approaching *** of all their meetings with investors, compared with *** percent at mid-cap companies, *** percent at large caps and just under *** mega-cap firms.
  • Both small and mid-cap IROs place greater importance on increased research coverage than do large or mega-cap IROs.
  • As company size rises from small to mega-cap, there are more than five extra analysts covering them for each cap size.
  • It is less common for small-cap companies to outsource proxy solicitation than for other companies, and notably more common for them to use outside services for their IR websites.
  • Small-cap IR teams are less likely than teams at other cap sizes to receive questions from investors on women’s rights and racial discrimination.
  • Half of all IROs at small caps and just under half of IR professionals at mid-cap companies agree that companies should focus on their core mission and only comment on issues that directly affect that mission.

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This report is available only to IR Advanced and IR Intel subscribers to IR Magazine.

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